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What We Do.

The Clatsop Cruise Hosts is a non-profit organization dedicated to welcoming cruise ships to our amazing community. Our goal is to educate visitors to our community and to encourage passengers and crew to explore, shop and enjoy the Oregon North Coast.

At the Port

There are numerous opportunities at the Port. The first shift is often very busy with large ships as passengers disembark, find their excursion buses as well as the shuttle buses that take them downtown. Crew Members are looking for buses to take them shopping. The Astoria Market has vendors at the Port-so it is a bustling scene.

  • Port Info Booth: These are the first CCH volunteers passengers meet. Volunteers here are focused on handing out maps and showing the different opportunities available for site-seeing and ways to get around (buses, walking, cabs, trolley, etc.) Volunteers here will get questions about everything from where to eat to historical information and questions about the bridge (which is prominent from where they stand).

  • Port Bus Tickets: Volunteers sell bus stickers to passengers and crew. Tickets are $15.00 for passengers and $10.00 for crew. The shuttle bus takes passengers to downtown Astoria, the Columbia River Maritime Museum and back to the port.  First shift is focused on selling tickets. Later shifts have more time to answer questions. When things get busy, we reassure passengers that an entire crew of volunteers are at 10th and Marine and the Maritime Museum, who can answer so many more questions about where to shop, history of the area, and sites to see.

  • Port Ticket Line (also called Shuttle Line): This person is especially busy during the first shift directing passengers/crew to the Riverwalk, trolley loading, bus loading, and especially crew who are eager to get to the malls.

  • Port Bus Line: These volunteers help people get on and off the buses, entertain them when the lines are long, and work with the bus drivers. During the first shift, things get busy with the large ships! Patience and a good sense of humor helps passengers as they wait to board a bus.

Other Locations

  • 10th & Commercial: Volunteers here help and assist passengers on/off the buses. Volunteers also answer LOTS of questions about downtown, sightseeing, history, location of restrooms, where to find chowder, where to buy -t-shirts and so much more. Now that passengers are downtown, they have all sorts of questions. Merchants leave brochures at the 10th St. station and walking maps are available.

  • Columbia River Maritime Museum: Volunteers help passengers on/off the bus and also help people find their way around town and the Riverwalk. Lots of general questions are answered about the area at this location.

  • Riverwalk: We also have volunteers along the Riverwalk to answer questions and help people back downtown or to the port. Some volunteers typically staff the 3rd St. Station and have maps while others help by walking various  sections between 3rd and Pier 39.

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